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Understanding the World

At York Road Nursery we encourage your child have experiences of getting to know about other people, the place where they live and about all aspects of the environment.  This covers:


People and Communities

We find out about the past through talking about people important to them, then they develop an interest in themselves and their family. We look at family books, children bring news times objects and talk about what they have been doing with family and friends.

We then learn about how other people are different from them, yet share some of the same characteristics and ideas.

We discuss and experience different cultures, foods, clothing and traditions such as Chinese New year, Diwali and other celebration times. Join in community activities, Christmas Tree Festival, fundraising for the wider community like Funny Hair Day, Bobble Hat day.

We encourage parents and visitors from various occupations to come and talk and explore the sights and sounds. Musicans, Fire Officers.


The World

We encourage children take notice of everything around them such as trees, the natural environment. We explore the mud kitchen, go on walks around the grounds, local places such as the local church. Finding out about places begins initially when a child learns about their own home and the things nearby.

This aspect also focuses on learning about cause and effect and is developed through having conversations with adults and other children about the things they observe like the seasonal changes, gardening, and pets.



We use toys such as remote control cars and Beebots to make movements. We help children to identify the different types of technology such as computers, whiteboard, i-pads and cameras and what they are useful for.