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Physical Development

At York Road Nursery School we encourage your child to experience a wide variety of activities that promote their development in fine and gross motor skills.

Moving and Handling

Our outdoor environment is equipped with a range of climbing and balancing apparatus, to support your child’s core strength development. Tricycles, scooters and pull along trolleys which encourage coordination. We also have a large selection of bats and balls, footballs plus a net goal, and a tennis and basketball net to support and encourage hand/eye coordination.

Inside the nursery classrooms we have many resources which encourage fine motor skills. For example, mark making equipment such as pencils, charcoals and chalks. Our creative area gives opportunities to experience the awe and wonder of mixing their own paints. Then, applying the paint with a variety of implements, e g, brushes, sponges, scrapers and rollers to create different effects.

We also have a large selection of ‘junk’ and ‘bits and bobs’ which enables children to be innovative, whilst using physical skills to join together the ‘junk’ using tape, glue and or string to reach a desirable outcome.

On offer too, are malleable materials such as playdough and clay which build up strength in hands, wrists and arms. We have sand both inside and outside. In our outside sand pit children are able to take their shoes and socks off and experience the sand with their toes, thus developing strength within their feet and ankles.

A recent addition to our extensive outdoor environment is a ‘mud kitchen’. Children can firstly access wellington boots from a nearby store cupboard before experiencing the delights of ‘digging’ and ‘pretend cooking’. Water is readily available to add, enabling mixing and stirring to create a delight of soups, stews and cakes.

Our extensively resourced environment, enables children to learn, develop and be challenged both physically and emotionally, supported by caring, motivated and skilled practitioners.

Health and Self-care