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At York Road Nursery we believe maths should be fun! 

Maths is everywhere and in every part of our daily routine.  From the moment you step through the gate it begins, the language of maths.  Who is walking in front?  Who is walking behind?  What shape is the door?  Who reached the door first, second or last?


Numbers and Space, Shape and Measure

Soft start we might include a sorting or shape activity.  Talk about shapes.  Block play.  Looking through family books we can introduce the language of ‘immediate, past and future’ or talk about the height of people in the photographs.

When your child is the ‘Helper’ they have the opportunity to match, recognise and eventually order numbers.  Counting 1 to 1.  How many children away?   How many more to come?  If we have three more children how many is that?  Recording how many children are in the group and how many turns they have had at being the helper.

Adult Initiated Learning (AIL) may be a specific maths activity, here are a few examples.   Being a shape detective naming and searching for shapes all around.  Matching number and quantity.  Puzzles.  A dice game.  Programming beebots using simple positional language.  Sorting.  Weighing.  Measuring. 

Toilets – yes even here!  The doors have numbers on as well as the paper towel dispenser.  We can talk about shapes in the area.  How many taps?  Who is going to be first to wash their hands?

During Child Initiated Play (CIP) even if your child only wants to ride around the bike track maths opportunities are still present.  Estimating how many times they will go round the track?  How many times have they been round so far and how many still to go?  What is the number on the bike in front of them?  How many litres of petrol/diesel to do they need and how much will it cost?  How many wheels on their bike and what shape are they?

Tidy Up Time – Who can find something round to put away.   How many spades can you pick up?  

Who has the smallest car?  Who has the biggest brick/block?  Who can put more toys away than Mrs ….  

Snack Time we can talk about the shapes of our fruit and vegetables!  How many apples do we have?  Compare how many pieces of each fruit and which fruits do we have the same number/most/fewest of?

Stories and Singing the children learn to recite numbers in order through singing  e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive.

Represent number using their fingers and use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting by singing e.g. 5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer.

Sequencing by recalling events in a story  e.g. The Three Little Pigs

Even Home Time – whose mummy/daddy/childminder/granny/granddad will be first, second, next, how many children left?  Using language related to time – yesterday, today, tomorrow, weekend.