Dear Parents/Carers


On Friday 9th October, we will be celebrating World Mental Health Day . We feel that this year more than ever it is vital that we raise awareness around mental illness and the impact that the events of 2020 have had on the wellbeing of a wide range of people in our communities. We also believe that the day should be used to celebrate the fortitude and resilience that many within our community have shown during the past six months!

Please can you see if your child has something yellow to wear on this day so we can be united in our celebration? If they don’t have any yellow clothes even a hair clip or a pair of socks will be enough!

Staff will be asked to see if they can wear something yellow too!


We are asking each child to bring in £1 on Friday 9th October to raise money for the charity ‘Young Minds’.  Please give your £1 to your child’s class teacher when you arrive or to Yorkies breakfast club. Young Minds Charity offer outstanding support to both young people and parents. If you would like to find out more about Young Minds please have a look at their website.

Many thanks, Diane Frainer, Headteacher.