We have a child who has joined York Road Nursery School that has a severe airborne allergy to EGGS.

This means that we cannot allow eggs in the school at any time until you are informed otherwise.

The little girl can have an allergic reaction even if someone else in the room has eaten an egg and this could be life threatening for her.

If you or your child eats and egg before they come to Nursery School, please can hands and faces be thoroughly washed before they arrive.

If your child is attending Yorkies please ensure that they do not bring any eggs in their packed lunch each day.

I am sure you will support us at York Road to make sure that this little girl will be as safe as possible at all times and that everyone will be mindful of the dangers that contact with eggs could have to this child.



We do welcome you into the school when dropping off and picking up, you will find lots of information available to you – we have information boards and a white board in the entrance area, do keep “up to date” by checking these. We also give out newsletters and information through Parentmail if you have registered or the children (pupil post!) – occasionally these go astray or are missed so keep an eye open for new ones on display. There are also information boards and white boards in the class areas.

Voluntary School Fund

We do not have a PTA and rely on monies donated by parents for extra resources, materials or experiences for the children – we do appreciate a regular termly or ½ termly contribution.


I cannot emphasise enough about the importance of keeping the children safe. Because we value the opportunity for parents to bring your children directly to their key teacher – this places the safety responsibility also with you – see the attached letter and share this with anyone who picks up or drops off. If you let any visitors through the doors with you please direct them to the office or a member of staff. Thank you.


We have some lovely books in our library – so do borrow them. To do this you choose 1 book – find the file on the cupboard top, look for your child’s key teachers name and write on the grid –the date, your child’s name and the title of the book. Take the book home in the plastic wallet provided, enjoy it together and then when you bring the book back, mark the returned column – you make then take another book out to enjoy.


We do complete learning journeys for your child whilst they are with us, these enable us to work more effectively with your child, charting their progress, their strengths and areas to develop so that we can target your child’s needs when setting out our teaching curriculum. You will receive three “formal” invitations to see the journeys during the year. Do remember – we encourage you to speak to your child’s key teacher at any time during the year your child is with us for updates.

Dropping off and picking up

We start nursery at 9.00. You are welcome into the building before this time. Your child’s key teacher will invite you in at 9.00 to join her in their home base. IMPORTANT – If you arrive after 9.15 you will need to register your child using the clip board in the entrance area next to the school dinner information. Pick up time is 12.00 from the garden area. You are welcome at this time to come into the area your child has their meal in to either help or encourage them with their eating (!) or, on Tuesdays and Thursdays to talk with their key teacher. By preference, could you please then leave by the front door.


If your child will be absent on a school day you need to complete a request form which is available on the pin board in the entrance area. Always put any absences in writing and ensure you inform the school if your child is ill.

Settling your child

We will work with you to settle your child, all children are different and you probably have had lots of experience of what works for yours.  Some arrive as if they have been coming for years, others like to sit with the teacher, another child may need you stay for a period of time – let’s make this a positive experience for your child!