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Expressive Arts & Design

Children love to explore their world in many different ways, and at York Road Nursery School we have many wonderful opportunities for the children to express, imagine and experience all kinds of learning through art, music, movement, words and role play.


Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Children enjoy singing favourite songs.  They quickly gain the confidence to stand on the small stage both inside and outside playing musical instruments and sharing nursery rhymes with each other.

Children enjoy dancing and ring games, as part of group times we have taken part in ‘dough disco’ expressing movement to music using the playdough.  We also play music from around the world at Child Initiated Play time and encourage rhythmic and creative moves.

We have a former parent who over the last few years has visited the nursery once a term bring his melodeon encouraging the children and staff to interact with the songs.

At York Road Nursery School we help support and encourage children to express their feelings and show their creative abilities by introducing palette paints and little jars of powder paint so that children can experiment with mixing their own colours.


Being Imaginative

The nursery has a home corner, as well as dressing up clothes both inside and outside, as well as many resources and props that are available to the children for their make believe play.  They can pretend to be mums or dads, animals, superheroes or anything else they would like to be.

Within the nursery we have a room full of small world figures, animals, trains, dinosaurs, cars, bricks, and construction toys which provides the children with plenty of opportunities to create and build their stories, and develop their imaginative play.